Increasing the in-call headset volume on the Samsung Galaxy S2

Posted on 25 Aug 2011.

My old mobile phone is currently residing at a very safe spot in lake Mälaren. I did not intend putting it there, but unfortunately it happened. After having done some research about what mobile phones are considered being decent nowadays I went off to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S2. I've only had the mobile for a couple of days, but I am very happy with it so far, except for one detail: the in-call headset volume is way too low. I can barely hear what the person I'm talking to is saying, but listening to music using Spotify is perfectly fine.

The problem turned out to be fairly easy to solve. The signature hilt_m suggests the following in a forum post:

  1. Call *#*#197328640#*#*. Then tap the following:
  2. Option [5] AUDIO
  3. Option [1] (VOICE CALL)
  4. Option [2] HEADSET
  5. Option [1] Volume
  6. Option [1] SRC Speech RX Volume
  7. Option [5] 5_lvl : 87
  8. Menu button (left side)
  9. Key Input. Enter 100.
  10. OK
  11. Press the menu button and select back until you have exited the service menu
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