My name is Svante Kvarnström and I currently live in Stockholm where I work as a nurse. I often go by the name sjk online. I am interested in a wide variety of things and I enjoy learning new things whenever I get the chance. The list of activities that intrigue me particularly includes:

  • Sailing - I have a sailboat which I like to sail with my friends.
  • Exercising - running, skiing, hiking, cycling and swimming to keep my body and mind somewhat in shape. I recently purchased a used bicycle, a nice Trek, which one can see me roam the streets of Stockholm with. Wroooom!
  • Music - you can find me (trying to) play various musical instruments including fiddle, five string banjo, guitar and wooden flute.
  • Programming - although not to the extent as a couple of years ago, I do, occasionally, enjoy solving computer problems by writing or modifying software, mostly in Perl or C.

Most of the music I listen to can be categorised as folk music. I grew up listening to Irish folk music which still is the kind of music I mostly play. Swedish folk tunes have however caught my interest the last couple of years, particularly those from Jämtland.